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Friday, January 29, 2010

Garden goodies

Haven't been doing much crafting the last week or two as I've been watching the Australian tennis every afternoon and night, but have done a bit of gardening and picking and preparing and preserving and freezing of veges - yummy pasta sauce, basil pesto, zucchini quiches and squash. Today I must pickle these beets too. Our fruit trees are doing so well, which is a real treat, as they've only been in for just over 2 years. As well as these peaches (the netting is to keep the possums away), we're picking plums and nectarines too, which are delicious.
When the tennis is over on Sunday I'll get back to 'normal' again I hope ...!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Ooh, those veggies and fruit look wonderful - you've been busy, despite the tennis. Tennis is the only sport I ever really get hooked on, so I understand.

    Just had a quick browse (found your email from a couple of weeks ago - sorry) and love your cards, as ever. Great to see some pics of you, too and to see that you're doing so well. Looks gorgeous out there.

  2. What beautiful fruits and vegetables from your labors.....