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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Magazine stuff

I've had a number of cardmaking articles published in papercraft magazines in the US, Australia and New Zealand in the past few years. Here's a sampling.

Photos I've taken of sunsets and sunrises, with the silhouette images stamped in black ink over the photos and made into cards.
Tri-fold cards x 4. The same scene done in the four seasons.


  1. Hi Tilly,
    This is stunning [ as all your other work of course !!!!! ] , but i have a soft spot for sunset/sunrise photos [ going to post photos on my page at www.in2crafts.co , either 2day or 2morrow - take a look !
    keep up your MOJO , bcause it is WORKING!!!!

  2. Stunning, stunning, stunning Tilly! xxx

  3. Your cards are beautiful and these 4 are breathe taking..... I am loving your animals and farm...the sunflowers are gorgeous....I am so glad that you have decided to blog....

    lil sis

  4. Hi Tilly,
    Posted some sunset photos on my page - in.2.crafts - check it out - got lot's , so if you want some , feel free and ask away !!!
    PS Love the sunflower's , and all the others to!!!!