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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday update

You're probably tired of seeing sunflowers, so here are some birds instead. I love this bird stamp from Old Island stamps (Canada). Wendall the baby heron continues to keep us amused with his dancing on the bridge (as opposed to the ceiling!). His mother seems to keep away from him as much as possible so I fear he's going to grow up to be an unloved delinquent heron, giving her many headaches and sleepless nights as he becomes a teenager! The 2 new swallow babies are doing well and demanding lots of bugs. One seems to have hatched a day or two before the other one as there's a definite difference in their size. I'll try to get up on the ladder and see if I can get a pic of them for you in the next day or so.


  1. Love these birdie cards. There is a something for you on my blog. Waiting to hear how feathered offspring are doing. Hugs Ursula

  2. Over for a visit - love how you used the same bird image 3 different ways and the "window" card with the curtains is adorable! From another bird lover!

  3. I love your blog (I'm a new baby blogger too). Son just left NZ after 3 years; we have visited twice and love the country. I shall be be visiting here regularly to get a 'kiwi fix' :)

    FionaB, blurfin' from SCS