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Monday, February 8, 2010

A card - no fruit, vegetables, sheep, pigs, cats, etc.

Not sure if this colour combo works (and the photo's colours are distorted too), but anyway, I made a few of these cards today in different colour ways, just for fun. Had to add lots of bling too of course!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We did. Lots of fresh fruit and salads from the garden, including fresh, warm peaches straight off the tree, and cream, for dessert 2 nights in a row! How decadent are we?!


  1. I love the colours. The peaches were amazing too!

  2. What a lovely refreshing card. Love the peaches idea, our fruit is all finished, just having the last pears now.

  3. Tilly, your cards are just fantastic... I received the magazine and your article is wonderful but your photo, stamped cards are just beyond words...thanks for sharing with me and CONGRATULATIONS.....