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Sunday, March 7, 2010


No sooner have we made our New Year resolutions to give up all things fattening, do they start putting Easter eggs and tempting looking chocolates in the stores. Not fair! (Marshmallow eggs with caramel inside are my favourites!) I picked up these little bunnie shapes ages ago but knew they would come in handy one day. Although we're heading into autumn here, this card is for a friend in the US who has been snowed in for what seems like months now. I have a pair of scissors that cuts the 'grass' (multiple blades) used at the bottom of the page. Very fancy eh? I know the bunny tails are a bit on the large size but they're the smallest pompoms I had in my stash so they'll have to do.
Talking of bunnies, our cats, particularly Bella, regularly bring bunnies in at night. (Silly bunnies - should be asleep in bed after dark when there are prowling cats around!) Sometimes we rescue them and take them back into our little forest if they're OK, but unfortunately some aren't OK (if you know what I mean?!) I won't go into detail ........... let's just say that eyeballs and fluffy tails on the bathmat are not uncommon in this house! We had wild turkeys in the vegetable garden yesterday. They're living dangerously too!

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