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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A cute cat and a 'different' card today

This is our new 'grandcat' who visited us for the weekend with Cam & Susan. Isn't he too cute? He's a cross Siamese/Devon Rex, although his Siamese genes seem to be more dominant as he has no sign of a wavy coat like the Devon Rex. His name is Belvedere and he's just gorgeous (and naughty and very talkative too)!

Sometimes it's nice to make a card that's a little different in shape or layout, and I made this one after receiving a similar one from a friend recently (thanks Linda!). Even though it doesn't have an official 'inside' for your message, you can write on the back. The only thing holding the top flip-up half of the card to the underneath layer is the brad, so it swivels up very easily.
Still hot and humid here, but we finally had a little rain so that will help the garden and paddocks a bit. I know ... in Aug./Sept. we'll be crying out: "When will this rain ever stop?!", but that's a long way off still, so for now we can complain about the heat for awhile. Most of our fruit trees have closed down for the summer now, although still a few late peaches and lots of passion fruit (grenadillas). The other day I made myself a fruit smoothie with our very own rock melon, passion fruit and peaches - how amazing is that eh? Who woulda thunk ...?! It was absolutely delicious too.
Fun stuff last week. I went in to the city to see the Cliff Richard & The Shadows concert, and it was soooo good! Still remember most of the words to their songs, even though I can't remember what day it is today! I went to their show in Cape Town when I was about 13, my first 'pop concert' (!) and here we all are still, almost 50 years later, different continent, same wonderful music, and we're all still going strong! Cliff will be 70 this year - amazing how he still boogies around that stage.

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