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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Got cream buns, Mom??

A beautiful Saturday morning here in New Zealand, so here are 2 gorgeous girls to share it with - Lily and Lisa! They were lying side by side catching the morning sun, like 2 fat pork sausages in a frying pan, so I tried to sneak down quietly to the paddock to take a pic, but they heard me coming and of course had to get up and see if I had any treats. They are the most beautiful ugly pets you could wish for, aren't they? Pigs are very tactile animals, besides being highly intelligent and un-smelly. They love being cuddled and usually sleep touching eachother even if they're out in the paddock and not in their little house. Their favourite thing is to have their tummies tickled - they flop over and lie grunting in ecstasy! So cute. We're still having beautiful summer weather and are desperate for rain. The garden is so dry and most of our fruit and veg have come to an end, although we're still enjoying delicious rock melons and have about 20 almost-ripe watermelons to hopefully pick soon. Yum ...!
I've had a play with a few more of what I call collage-type cards, which is not usually my style, but it's nice to do something different once in awhile. I've also been making a lot of cat and dog cards, quick and easy ones, for our local animal shelter's fundraising. Will post some pics later.


  1. Stunning cards, Tilly - love them and adore the birds but I'm a big bird fan :) Love the piggies, too - why do they have rings through their noses? Hope you're blessed with rain, soon!

  2. Lovely cards Tilly. Great backround colours. Cute piggies. We had bucketing rain last night, wish we could send some over,

  3. I love your cards.... the color and designs are beautiful.... and the 2 sweet piggies are adorable.... we are finally seeing the beginning of spring....


  4. Your collage cards are fabulous Tilly, thank you for sharing! Lots of hugs xxx