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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday treats

It rained! Yay yay yay! 29 ml. in the past 24 hours, but it's lovely and fine again now. I can almost hear the grass growing. Bliss ... a long hot DEEP bath, glass of wine, my book - that's on the cards for this evening!
Our Sam loves to have his back scratched (Do sheep get fleas? Probably not - too much lanoline in their wool.) Whenever M goes into their paddock with the rake, Sam runs over for a good old back scratch.
This orangey card is for this week's CAS (clean & simple) challenge on SCC. I like square cards at the moment, although square envelopes are not that easy to find so I usually end up making my own.
I am now also officially able to share the happy news that we're going to be grandparents in early Nov. How exciting is that? Congrats to Cam and Susan on their great news. Now I can dig out my old 40+ year old sewing machine again and make cute little outfits! We will know in 8 weeks if it's a boy or girl. What fun!


  1. Congratulations to all of you on the wonderful news. Lots of happy planning for you. Warm wishes

  2. congrats Tilly... you'll love spoiling your grandchild. Lovely card today

  3. Congratulations Tilly on your brill news.
    Love your card too

  4. Congratulations on being grandparents.... I love your card ...


  5. Congrats on the wonderful news of becoming a grandparent. They are a joy to be around.
    LOVE the little sheep getting his back scratched. So cute. I love to have my back scratched so maybe I need to get my husband one of those rakes! HA!
    Your card is great. Love the little square. Very cute.

  6. Many congratulations Tilly - to you and all the family. It really is the best news and I hope Susan has a great pregnancy!