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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bad pigs!

We woke up this morning to find the wild pigs from the forest across the valley had been visiting in the night, and had truffled up a big section of the lovely newly-green grass next to our pond right infront of the house! We've never had them on our property before - only seen them chewing up the neighbour's paddock (and laughing ...!), but with the drought and the ground being so dry and hard, they've obviously had to venture a bit further to find something worth digging for. (I must admit, the babies are very cute, but I'm not allowed to say that out loud at the moment as M's down there trying to repair the damage!) Our own 2 girls, Lily and Lisa, don't dig with their snouts as they've got rings in their noses - thank goodness! (Rings were already there when we got them from the SPCA.)
Here's a fun pig card I made for a friend who's very bad at keeping in touch (you know who you are!) It says "pigs might fly" - not a very clear pic, sorry. The nose is a button on the big guy.
Hope you're all having a glorious day like we're having here. I've just made a big batch of basil pesto - some for our toasted cheese, onion and pesto sammies on the BBQ tonight, and the rest to freeze. Very yummy stuff, and the house now smells like an Italian restaurant. Makes my mouth water already and it's nowhere near supper time!


  1. Precious card! Like the little "button nose". So cute. We also have the wild hogs (pigs) in Texas and I know how destructive they can be. No fun at all!

  2. I also hav a friend who likes pigs, so thought of her when I swa your card. The BBQ sammies sound like very yummie.

  3. LOL - your pig card is very cute.... but the wild pigs digging up the grass not so!!!!
    Thanks for the link to Felt. will go have a good look tonight. Feeling shattered after another days stamping!!!

  4. Love your pig card, it's sooo cute perfect button nose and all! Not so cute about them messing up your yard though.

  5. I love these! Can you make some of these for the market too?