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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brrrrrrr .....

It's getting very chilly! The last few nights we've had 3 cats on top of the duvet and 1 underneath at our feet. How she breathes down there I really don't know. The Bad Pigs came back last night and have done a huge mischief to the lawns again. It looks as though it's been ploughed. M not a happy farmer today! For Mother's Day I got a pair of Ugg boots - the cosy ones, boot length, thick soles, sheepskin lined! They have already been broken in and tested and are on my feet right now, where they will no doubt stay for most of the next 5-6 months.
Here's a quick card - nice warm colours for a cold gray day.
I spent an hour or more on the internet yesterday ordering up books on our local library's website, and as the weekend weather forecast is for miserable weather, I will collect my pile of books tomorrow and dig in for a cosy weekend of lolling. Better pick up some chocolates while we're out tomorrow too ... if you're going to loll you might as well eat chocolates at the same time!


  1. lovely colours Tilly... and yes it is getting a bit cooler... I too have the fleecy lined slippers on...

  2. So pretty. Love the colors you used. Great card. Stay warm.