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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My addiction (this week anyway!)

Me and my background/designer paper fetish ...!
I have this little addiction going at the moment - background/designer papers! I enjoy paper piecing, so even the little scraps are useful. I love this butterfly punch - it doesn't punch out the whole butterfly, only the border and little holes on the wings, and the 'body' part is solid for sticking down. It's great with a contrasting layer underneath. I even tried distressing the edges of the butterfly and flower - a first for me. (You see, sandpaper is not just for woodwork projects!)


  1. Are you making any of these for the market too? I am getting bossy, sorry, but they're just great. And Kalay is jealous that the other grandcat is famous on your blog and she isn't...

  2. Love this, Tilly :) Who makes the punch, please? Looks interesting. I like the shades but your eye for design is always impressive.

  3. Gorgeous, Tilly.... your creations are fabulous!


  4. Fab card Tilly - who makes the punch? I have a butterfly addiction and it would be a good one to add to the collection.....Hugz

  5. Thanks for the nice comments. The butterfly punch is from a street market in Hong Kong so no manufacturer's name on it, sorry. I think I've seen a similar one on one of the punch Co's websites though so will have a look and let you know if I find it.