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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Of cats, cards and birds

Can you see the heron? This is our resident white faced heron, Heronrietta, who lives in one of the big puriri trees next to the house. You may remember her son/daughter, Wendall, who was hatched this past summer, but seems to have been sent off into the Big Wild World by Heronrietta, who obviously wants some "me" time before the spring. Wendall was a very demanding baby and never gave her any peace and quiet! Is that a crocodile you see behind her in the pond? Yes, we have two, Chops and Lola. No, they are not real! They are only floating croc heads made from resin, and remind us of Africa! Visiting little kids are fascinated by them as they move in the breeze (and hopefully keep them at a safe distance from the water too).
I made this card for my shoe-loving daughter a few years ago and must make a few more for my next market, as they're very cute, aren't they?
Just had to get this pic of Boris last night, waiting patiently for us to go to bed.
And last but by no means least, Angus the camouflage cat on our bed! No, we didn't get the duvet cover to match the cat ...!
I'll try to post a few more card pics in the next day or so, but have been busy trying to work on a US magazine project I've been asked to do, and my mojo has been hiding somewhere, so it's a bit frustrating. Maybe if I just have a little play instead, and stop looking for my mojo, it will reappear miraculously. It's probably hidden under all the mess on my desk!
Have a lovely weekend everyone. A beautiful day here today, as you can see from the above pic.


  1. Your pond is just lovely Tilly, and so are your cats. Love your ginger Angus. And Boris looks so cheeky.

  2. Lovely photo's Tilly it looks gorgeous where you live

  3. What an interesting blog. Thank you for letting me visit.