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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I know, I promised not to get my sewing machine out again ...

... but I just couldn't resist after getting a wonderful book called "Softies" from the library recently. It's filled with way-out soft toy designs to sew and knit, and I see there are other books in the same series, so will have to check them out as well.
I'd be interested to know whether you think good old handmade soft toys to love and treasure still have a place in kid's lives these days, or are parents too brainwashed by all the plastic/educational/politically correct/sterilized/TV-ad-inspired toys? I overheard 2 young mothers recently saying soft toys are "useless and have no purpose", and "just take up space doing nothing and add to the mess in the house". Hmmm ...


  1. There so cute. I hope children still have a place for a soft toy or too. My 2 boys, aged 5 and 2 go in out of stages playing with there soft toys, and the youngest has to sleep next to his favourites so I know they wouldn't be without.

  2. too cute! You should keep that machine out and running! Fabulous sewing projects! Wish I had that talent.