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Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm back ...

I can't believe I've been off the blogging thing for over a month, but the time has come, the walrus said ...
I've been doing a lot of sewing for our grandson, due early Nov., and other baby things for various friends of our children who all seem to be in production mode this year. I did do a little bit of stamping though, on baby Tshirts, so have not been totally off track these past few weeks. Anyway, the sewing machine is now put away for awhile, and it's back to my paper passion again until some cute new baby fabric catches my eye!
Here "down on the farm" winter is still with us, so everything is soggy and muddy, but on the plus side, the grass is the most amazing colour of bright green and all the dry brown spots in the paddocks from our long dry summer have now gone, and the daffodils are blooming in profusion, as you can see from the pic. attached. There are newborn calves and lambs all around us, and soon we'll have our annual duckling invasion again, judging by all the noise and activity on our ponds as the parents fight for their rights to the exclusive real estate. You won't believe how much noise a few angry ducks can make. The swallow pair are back refurbishing their nest on the deck, adding new layers of mud to the rim and collecting bits of cat fur that we pull off the cats' brush for them to use for their duvets! (Well, that's how we like to think of it anyway!) Spring can't be far away now.

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  1. Welcome back Tilly... love the daffodils. Lovely to think spring is not far away. I'm heading off for a late summer in the northern hemisphere for a month so it will be well and truly spring when I get back!!!