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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just a few pics

A few quick pics of things I've made in the past few days. This is a card for a wedding we're going to this afternoon. The card is a pale shimmery lilac colour which doesn't show up well here unfortunately. This is my favorite wedding stamp and is well used.
Our daughter has recently been ill and in hospital having surgery, so this card was for her. I love the colour combination. (She's doing well now and is on the mend.)
And of course ......... more baby shoes made with ribbon!
And a few bibs using scraps.


  1. These ribbon shoes are adorable Tilly! Many, many thanks for the magazine that you sent over - I am more than impressed at your wonderful contribution - a stunning layout of cards! Just got back from holiday and saw you note about the cherry on top - I can't see it here though!

  2. Love the slippers and the bibs. I tried to make bibs for my new grandson out of small tea towels but could not get the bias seam tape to make the 90 degree turns. I was running out of time for the Christmas dinner and tree so I ended up doing a tight zigzag or statin stitch on my sewing machine. I really have not used the seam tape before and feel there must be a secret to making the tight turns. Yours came out real pretty and flat. First time visiting your site. Always wanted to visit New Zealand; guess this is as close as I will get. Dee