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Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a little bit more sewing (I can't resist!)

I've made a lot of these "taggy" blankets for various babies lately, and being the ribbon-aholic that I am, and not being able to throw away even the littlest offcut, I found these blankies a great way of putting the odd leftovers to good use. For the uninitiated, "taggy" blankets were apparently invented by some clever person who made note of the fact that given any toy to play with, babies seem to always go for the manufacturer's tag to suck on or play with, disregarding the actual toy in most cases. "Taggies" is the brand name of these toys and they are usually quite small, more like a "security blanket/scrap", but I like making them a bit bigger so that they can be used as a cover for baby in a carseat or pram/stroller/buggy, as well as being a kind of toy.
This is a closeup view of the shoes (another one of my favorite things to make lately, in case you didn't figure that out already!). Again I used offcuts of pretty ribbons sewn together with a zigzag stitch onto a scrap of fabric before cutting the pattern.
More shoes from fabric scraps, lined with polar fleece.
Continuing the ribbon theme, here's a bag I made from an upholstery fabric scrap and ribbon. It's nice and cheerful and great for library books or as a casual shopping bag. The flowers are 3 brooches cut out of felt using my Cuttlebug.
OK, back to some cardmaking again tomorrow I promise ...


  1. Tilly, this is so cool! Just love all the baby stuff you are churning out, and so inspirational. Love the shoes - I received such lovely comments about the little one's I made, so thanks to you again!

  2. Tilly, Your taggie blankie is one of the most beautifull ive EVER seen and the little shoes-to precious. Will it at all be possible to make me a few baby goodies (you see I have 10 thumbs when it comes to sewing). Pleassseeeee will you consider it. I love your blog sooo much, from the sewing to ur beloved cardmaking! I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and would gladly pay you whatever you ask for the goodies and of course also shipping. My son and daugter in law expects their baby mid September 2011 and do not know whether its a boy or girl.My e-mail vzylmhg@telkomsa.net Warm regards Helene