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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spring is springing here

Our daffodils are finally finished for this year, but the irises are making up for lost time and are really gorgeous, as you can see. Belvedere is still with us for a little longer, and as usual had to get into the photo too!
My cardmaking mojo is still hiding somewhere, but I'm trying to make a card every day in the hope that my creative juices will appear again soon.
These pyjamas and slippers I made for the baby recently were taken to his new home at the weekend, along with all the other clothes, toys, blankets, shoes, bibs, etc. that I've been having fun sewing, so that his Mom can get organized and have his things ready for when he arrives in about 7 weeks. If he's anything like his father though, he'll probably be late ...!

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