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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good news and bad news

First, the great news!  I've been chosen for the Really Reasonable Ribbon design team!  Yay!  I love  using ribbon and other dimensional accents on the crafty stuff I make, so this is going to be like heaven on earth!   Pop over to the RRR website and visit the blog too, and see what amazingly inspirational things Bonnie and her very talented team have to offer.  There are regular challenges there, with wonderful treats to be won, so keep a lookout for all the upcoming events.
Now for the bad news ... we've been working hard over the past few weeks getting our summer vegetable garden up and running, and it was starting to look wonderful, until last night ......... a family (12+ DH saw when he shined the flashlight on them) of wild pigs from the nearby forest decided they would all go out to dinner on us, and the results are to-cry-for!   We've never had them come so close to the house before and thought the garden was safe.  Sob, sob, sob.   I think it's time we got a dog! 
But, there's a bit more happy news to end this post though.  Our 10 Paradise Shellduck ducklings, hatched 9 weeks ago beside our ponds infront of the house, are now able to fly.  They've been practicing for days, flapping and jumping and having little family competitions, and some have managed to stay airborne for a a few yards, but today they are flying across the garden, into the ponds and out again, and are so pleased with themselves.  Mom (Duckzilla) and Dad (Clayton) are so proud!


  1. Wonderful news Tilly, Congratulations. Will certainly pop over and see all about the ribbons. Look forward to seeing your creations. Terrible news about your garden, they really are a menace. My son has just moved into a new house with huge grounds bordering on bush and he complained last night about possums and having to set traps, Hope they don't also have the pigs around. Take care and not long to your BIG event.

  2. Congrats Tilly! I look forward to working with you and RRR the next few months! On the other hand, I am sorry about your garden...I live in southern AZ, so not much luck with gardening here...I also just planted flowers a month ago, and they have all been eaten by the crazy rabbits!!

  3. Great news Tilly... but what a bummer about the garden. Luckily living in the city I don't get pigs just snails and slugs!!!

  4. Congrats on your DT post Tilly, you are going to have such fun. I'll pop over to have a squizz... Love the pic in your header... your place I presume? Lucky you... hugs Sharon