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Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's been awhile ...

I've been a bit distracted from cardmaking recently (in case you didn't notice!), mainly doing some summer clothes sewing for myself, and also baby things for the many babies due to arrive within our family and with friends over the next few months, as well as making a few early Christmas gifts. Our vege garden is always time consuming at this time of the year, with planting of seeds and seedlings and fighting off the snails, rabbits, birds, possums and other nasties that like their food young and succulent! We're eating the last of our frozen veges from last summer now, so it's almost time to start refilling the freezers again. After a wonderful show of pink and white blossoms, our fruit trees are starting to get teensy fruit on them - plums, peaches, nectarines, mulberries and guavas. Let's hope the birds can resist them for a little longer to give them time to mature. I made our first batch of lemonade for the summer this week too. Very yummy with soda water on a hot day. (I freeze the lemons from our trees so that we have lemonade all year round.)
Our daughter has just started a new job as funding manager for the Hospice in a town an hour from here, so my previous allegiance to the Hospice in the city, for which I made many cards over the past few years, has now shifted to her Hospice, where they have a sale table to help with fundraising. Every little bit helps, and it's such an amazing organization. So, I'm going to be back in the serious cardmaking business again, and am looking forward to a change from sewing for awhile.
Next week we'll be going on our annual business trip to Hong Kong/China, where I indulge my passion for shopping in all the tiny shops in the area of Hong Kong that caters to the garment manufacturing sector. These little flowers are from there, and it's a haven of fabric, button, bead, ribbon, lace and craft supplies for junkies like me, so while M's off working his fingers to the bone, I'm off wandering most days looking for treats like these to bring home for my stash. (Can one ever be "over-stashed" I wonder?!!!) I'll post some pics when I get home. You'll all be green with envy I'm sure!

It's a longweekend here and the weather is perfect for it. Summer is definitely here at last. This morning we went to visit our son and DIL to take their cat, Belvedere, back to them now that they're settled in their new home. It was tough to leave him there as we've got so attached to him, but I'm sure our other 4 cats won't miss his mischief and playfulness. He's really still a kitten and they're old and set in their ways (a bit like us!) and he could be a real nuisance when he put his mind to it, although we know he just wanted someone to play with him. Our grandson is due in less than 3 weeks now, and DIL got strict instructions to keep that baby snug where he is until we get back from our trip! She's at the stage where she wishes he would come NOW though, which is understandable. I think she wants to see her feet again to make sure they're still where they should be! We can't wait to meet him.


  1. enjoy your trip Tilly and hope the little one waits for you to get back. It is a lovely weekend and I'm glad summer's coming

  2. Hi, I'm Nicky, writing from the UK, we are just approaching our cold season now, not looking forward to it. I have a question, if you would be so kind. Whereabouts in Hong Kong is the textile manufacturing area? When we went there we only found what was to me the boring electronic equipment area. My husband works in China so I may be able to pop back there. Thanks. Nicky

  3. These cards are beautiful Tilly. Wow!