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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas coaster tutorial

Are you thinking of your holiday entertaining yet?  Are the neighbours coming over for eggnog?  Here's a project that will net you lots of compliments over the holiday season this year and for many years to come.
These instructions are for one coaster, but of course you can do multiples at the same time using some careful cutting and sewing.
Supplies:  felt (I used white, red and green), assorted ribbons from the wonderful Christmas selection over at Really Reasonable Ribbon, iron-on adhesive (I used Heat & Bond), sewing machine, iron, and a circle template (small dish or can of tuna will do). 
Trace your circle template onto 2 equal sized squares of felt.  (The green felt square below will be the underside of your coaster.)  Cut one same sized square of iron-on adhesive and iron onto one felt square.  Peel off backing.  Cut strips of ribbon and lay them onto this side of the felt as shown.  Run the iron over the ribbons once they are all in place.  (There's no need to have all the pieces of ribbon firmly stuck down.  They only need to be held in place sufficiently to allow you to sew them onto the felt backing.)

With your sewing machine on a generous zigzag stitch, sew the ribbons to the felt backing.
Cut another square of iron-on adhesive and iron it onto the back of the ribbon square.   Peel off the backing and place the green felt square back-to-back with the ribbon square (adhesive on the inside).  Run the iron over the ribbon side just until there is a loose bond formed (to hold the two squares together while you sew around the edges).
Turn the bonded squares over to show the green felt backing with the circle marked on it, and cut around the circle.  Cut a loop of red/white twisted rope, knot it, leaving a short 'tail' below the knot.  Peel the two sides of the coaster apart at its top end just enough to insert the tail of rope between them.  Pin in place temporarily while you sew around the edge.
Using the zigzag stitch again sew around the edge of the coaster as shown.
And voila ...!  One coaster ready for a drink!
NOTE:  Of course these little baubles can be used as tree decorations too, so consider them a dual purpose creation.  A set of them would make a great gift, or a single one would be perfect for a teacher gift.
Have fun!


  1. Thank you. Great idea. Can use it for other seasons also.

  2. Hi Tilly...

    These are adorable.

    I am in the midst of writing my December newsletter and would love to be able to include a link to the page on your blog. May I have your permission to copy the picture above with the Santa and finished coasters to put by the link to encourage my readers to come here to your blog and read the directions.

    I will send the newsletter Monday or Tuesday of this week, but won't include the link without your permission first.

    Again, great project!

    Julie Baird
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