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Friday, December 17, 2010

Card orders

I take orders for special cards and always ask for some indication of what the recipient may like or do so that I can tailor make the card just for them.  Here are a few I've done recently.
This one is for an Italian beau of the lady I made it for.  Guess what?  He likes cooking, red wine and Tuscany!  Do you like my spaghetti made from shredded paper?
This one's for a little soccer-mad boy.
This one's for a blonde 10 year old who is seldom seen without his iPod attached!
And this one is for an 11 year old girly-girl, Jemima.  Her school uniform is a maroon blazer.
Some of them take ages to make but I enjoy it and find working on the itty bitty bits very relaxing.  The money is given to the Hospice.


  1. They are lovely Tilly and very special to those receiving them I am sure

  2. They are really cute Tilly.
    You asked about my slideshow. I downloaded it from the net, if you click on it it might show you how to do it, I forgot how.Check out the black cat, with the sound up tickle his tummy,and pat his head, very cute.
    Luv CHRISSYxx p.s. Those boys wear those hats everywhere.lolxx