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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A welcome card for Harper

I had fun making this card for our new grandson, Harper, who is now 3 weeks old.  As you can see it's meant to be a picture of where we live (with a little bit of artistic licence!), our little 'farm', which we hope he will come to love like we do.  I'm hoping he (and you) will see the resemblance to my header photo!
These are our 2 pet sheep, rescued by the SPCA, and now living a life of luxury with us - Pixie and Sam.
 And these 2 gorgeous piggy girls, Lisa and Lily, are also SPCA rescued animals.  They came from the same place as Pixie and Sam and grew up together, so they all get along just fine.
And here's the whole card opened up.  If you'd like to see pics of the real place, check the 'On The Farm' label in the index at left.

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