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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yummmmmmm ...

Today's show is brought to you by the letters "Y" for yummy and "F" for fresh from our garden:


Basil and the resulting basil pesto waiting to be frozen in ice cube trays so that we can have it all year long in pasta, soups, on toasted cheese sammies, etc.  (The pesto recipe can be found here.  Delicious and very easy.)

Courgettes busting out all over, with the resulting courgette, onion, garlic (all from the garden) fritters for dinner tonight, and the rest for the freezer.

Figs.  Hoping the birds don't eat them before we do!

Melons coming along nicely after the rain this past week.

Passionfruit to eat straight from the vine, for cakes and to have with pavlova and cream, although we still have a few bags of pulp frozen from last summer so I'd better make a few cakes before this crop ripens.

Beans, peas and tomatoes thriving.  I think beans and peas are so clever to twirl their little tendrils onto the cane supports all by themselves, don't you?!

Can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen so that I can get pasta-sauce-making, and of course enjoy them in salads and on bruschetta with pesto and olive oil while we enjoy a glass of wine on the deck these summer evenings.
Peaches a week or two away from ripening.  We picked a few plums yesterday and they were heavenly.
Mandarins looking good.  We've been drinking homebrewed lemonade by the gallon during the heatwave we've had this past week or two.
That's all for today folks!    How lucky are we eh?


  1. You are soooo lucky. This brings back memeories of last year's visit with my son, seeing all these lovely veggies. Enjoy and have a wonderful Blessed Christmas with the family.

  2. I cant get the recipe to come up and I'm getting hungrier and hungrier lol.
    Gorgeous gardens.If I onlyhad the room. Mine stuff is growing in pots but not always successful.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. your veggie garden is the absolute envy of mine, and your pesto looks to die for, but i cant find the recipe :( perhaps share it on RSA. I could only dream of living in such serene surroundings, stunning!

  4. I've altered the post re basil pesto and you can now click on the link directly. Let me know if it still doesn't work. Thanks.

  5. Garden bounty! I hope we can finally have a garden next summer - I can't wait to grow some curgettes! Yum!