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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I forgot I had this!

Do you ever buy something that you "just have to have", and then forget about it until you find it accidentally when you're looking for something else in your stash?  I'm sure I'm not alone here.  I forgot all about this cupcake embossing folder I bought on sale sometime last year, and came across it today while I was digging through a pile of other Cuttlebug bits and pieces.  What a happy surprise!  I had to have a play there and then, so here are the results. 

The cupcakes are "frosted" with dimensional glitter paint and topped with mini half-pearls.
If anyone would like a few (6-8 OK?) cupcake embossed cardfronts only like this to use on your cards, let me know (with color preferences) and I'd be happy to do a few and mail them to you.  Just send me your details.   (It's made by Craft Concepts.)

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