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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Custom cards

I often get asked to make custom cards for people, and donate the proceeds to the Hospice where my daughter works.  These 2 were commissioned by someone who wanted a "Congratulations" card for a young girl who won a Best Supporting Actress in a Musical (High School Musical, obviously ...!) at a NZ theatre awards ceremony recently, and the second one is for a local Maori cultural dance group who also won a big award a few weeks ago.  (If you would like to know more about traditional Maori dance, Kapa Haka (performance art), do a Google search.  You will see that the colours and images are the traditional symbols associated with the Kapa Haka, and the 2 little white poi (pompoms) are accessories used by the women in these dances. Poi is a performance art in which a ball or balls suspended from a length of flexible material, usually a plaited cord, are held in the hand and swung in circular patterns. Poi is one of the traditional performing arts of the Māori people of New Zealand.)