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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter treat

Our little Harper was here for the weekend - growing like a weed and very chatty.  This is a pic taken in our forest yesterday while we were off looking for Easter eggs!
We have some amazing old trees in our forest, including one that's half fallen over and has a hole right through the trunk, which we call the Peekaboo Tree.  Here's Harper peekaboo-ing from one end ...
(The beanie hat he's wearing is my first attempt at knitting-in-the-round, and it even fits him!)
As he's not quite good enough at sitting on his own yet, we found the best way to keep him happy was to put him in a basket with some toys.
His great-aunt Wanda knitted him the doll, a replica of one called Skinny Mickey she had knitted for his Dad when he was a baby, and which we still have somewhere.  Skinny Mickey II is even dressed in Harper's Dad's rugby uniform from his school days! 
I hope everyone had a lovely peaceful weekend and indulged in lots of chocolate eating. 


  1. Gosh Tilly, he certainly is growing up fast...those lovely, pinchable, chubby cheeks..he's a gorgeous wee boy.
    Yes...I have over indulged thankyou..lol...
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Harper is such a cutey :-) Aren't grandchildren just the best gift ever......after your own kids of course. TFS
    P.S. Levi and Karla have our 8th and youngest grandchild Cash, who just turned 2 this month.