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Monday, June 27, 2011

Here's an easy and colourful background idea

I was having a play with background techniques and here's a card using small strips of coloured tissue paper laid onto spritzed glossy card, spritzed again, and then sandwiched between pages in a telephone directory until it had dried.  The tissue paper is then peeled off and the dyed background comes out like this.  I had hoped for a brighter background as the tissue papers I used were lovely and vibrant, but the dye that comes out of them is obviously a weaker solution.  Oh well, it works even if it's not what I'd hoped for.
I went to a big papercraft expo on Friday and picked up some lovely new stamps and 'toys'!  LOL  This silhouette flower image is one of them, from Montarga, a New Zealand company based in rocking and rolling Christchurch, which sadly is still being all shook up by earthquakes.  Poor people - it must be so difficult living there.


  1. Great technique -- it makes for a lovely card!

  2. Wow great idea i must try it some time. Victoria :)

  3. A lovely technique Tilly, thanks for sharing.