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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cat in a hat and a funky chair card

I had all my chair stamps out today and this is what I made.  I've had this idea in my head for a long time - it was just a matter of sitting down and playing with the different shapes and sizes so that they'd all fit onto a card.  It also works for Susan's One Layer Wednesday challenge, and while it probably doesn't fit the "clean & simple/lots of white spaces" format, it is only one layer!  It's for a dear friend who let me stay the night at her house last week because it was close to a papercraft show I was going to, and we all know that if you aren't at the door when it opens, you miss all the good deals!  (It would've taken me 2 hours to drive there from home.)

I'm no great knitter - just the basics - but I had to upload a pic of a strawberry hat I finished today for a little girl's first birthday gift.  It was very much a "hit 'n miss" project, made up as I went along, and the results (if you look very closely!) are evidence of that, but overall I think it's cute and will certainly keep her little head warm on these damp and cold winter days that we're having at the moment.  As I had no other models to choose from (M refused my offer.  I wonder why???), Boris had to (very reluctantly, as you can see ...) pose for me.  Cute eh?


  1. Wow you have lots of chairs. Boris isn't even smiling. Hope you had a good day at the craft show.

  2. Love the chair card and oooooo your kitty kat does not look to enthused having that cute hat on his head:).....he is probably thinking....oh here she goes trying to dress me up again.....
    nice hat though............

  3. You did a brilliant job on the chair card. I love the arrangement and the one coloured chair.

  4. Loved all the chairs. What a neat card. I Hope you got lots of good deals at the craft show. I also loved the hat. It looked cute on the cat but I bet it looks cuter on the little girl.

  5. The chair card is awesome...Very effective! Love the had on the kitty....although he doesn't seem to like it very much! LOL! My Card

  6. Such a fun card - love the variety of chairs. HOpe you had a great time at the craft fair. Super sweet hat too!