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Monday, September 12, 2011


One Layer Wednesday CAS challenges are back after a summer break.  Yay!  This week, #63, it's for a baby card, so here's mine.  I've made a number of variations of this card over the years and it always brings a smile to the faces of the new parents.

While on the subject of babies, I must add a photo of our special little boy, Harper, now 10 months, who Granma and Grampa had the privilege of having all to ourselves for the weekend as our son and DIL stayed in the city for a friend's wedding.  He was so good and we had a wonderful time watching the Rugby World Cup on TV, being held here in New Zealand at the moment.   Every time we cheered he put his arms in the air and cheered too!  So cute.  We're going to miss him very much as they move to live in Australia next week.  Will have to save lots of $$ for air tickets to visit them.


  1. What a wonderful idea for a New baby card...I can remember doing this most nights in the first few weeks!!
    Jenny x

  2. Tilly, your grandson is gorgeous! The card is pretty cute, too. :-)