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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sewing stuff

I pulled out my stash of gorgeous Ikea fabric the other day and had a bit of a sewing session.  (I hate using it though - it's so precious!)  I've been wanting to make some fabric baskets for awhile (there are some great free tutorials online if you do a Google search), and made these 3 from different patterns just to see which one worked best.  They are for my DD as she wanted some odd storage solutions for their living room shelves (for magazines, TV remote, etc.) and I had already made her a pile of cushion covers from these and other gorgeous Ikea fabrics so they will co-ordinate nicely.  The black and white rectangular one is a bit on the floppy side even though it has heavy duty stiffening between the layers, but our second fattest cat, Angus, found it in the night and climb inside to sleep (and spread out), so the corners need to be ironed again to make it look a bit more like a box!  I also made her and her fiance covers for her iPad and his Kindle in the same fabrics (but forgot to take pics!).

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  1. What a great idea, Tilly. I love them. So you have Ikea over there now? There's one a few miles up the road from us and it used to be the only one in England, so it was always extremely busy and especially on weekends and I grew to hate the crowds there. Now there are a few dotted all over the country, but it still gets incredibly busy. Never looked at fabrics in there, I must admit. You're always full of great ideas x