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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Awhile I go a made this card for my friend Sally's daughter, Falan, when she found out she was expecting twins.  Well, today the boys arrived, so another card was called for! 

The baby buggy was a bit of a mission to make as the stamp I used was a single buggy, so I had to do some fiddling and masking to get a double image (lots of trial and error!), but it turned out OK.  The baby heads are also a stamp, with the image stamped onto Shrink Plastic/ShrinkyDink and heated to get them to the right size, like "Honey, I shrunk the kids", sort of ...


  1. Love this card, she'll be thrilled!

  2. Oh. My. Word. The cuteness level is through the roof. Just found you via Pinterest. Going to spend a significant amount of time browsing here. You are so talented! Jamie in AZ, USA