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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Missing in action

Hi friends.  This has been a very quiet and neglected blog recently.  My husband has been very ill and is in his third week in hospital during which he's had 2 operations, 14 units of blood, septic shock, ICU on a respirator, renal complications and drugs galore, so my time has been spent with him at the hospital, an hours drive away, and the only things I've made are a few more of these baby hats for various friends and friends of friends, while I've been sitting with him.  (He has had an infected artificial hip joint that has been removed now and the infection has to be treated with IV antibiotics until it clears, and only then can a new joint be put in - 8 weeks + probably.  We're hoping he'll be well enough to come home at the end of the week.)  They're easy to knit and the basic pattern is free here.  (Just add a few rows of black for the road between the green grass at the bottom and the blue sky at the top, and sew the white line on the black section at the end.  The buttons can be found in craft and quilting/sewing stores.)  As DH will be unable to move about very much without a hip joint, I'll have plenty of time to play and create between nursing duties, so watch this space ...


  1. Tilly,
    I hope your husband gets better soon!
    Sending healthy wishes your way.

  2. Oh Tilly, what a marathon!! I can empathise.
    Love those wee hats - and thanks for the pattern and the 'raod' design - I have a couple of grandies who may just like these!

  3. Shame Tilly. Wishing DH a speedy recovery and you the energy to keep it all together. Take care of yourself too!

  4. Thinking of you both and praying for a speedy recovery. Love the beanie!
    Hugz Moz

  5. Gosh, Tilly - you've been through it. I do hope all is well now. Will read more to check - sorry I missed this x