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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Zealand beanie!

M is finally home from the hospital after 2 x surgeries and 5+ weeks of ups and downs, and it's wonderful to have him back where he can rest and recuperate while the infection in his hip is being bullied into submission by IV antibiotics, before he can go back for a new hip joint replacement.  I'm loving being at home and not having to do the 1 hour drive each way every day.  I did lots of knitting while keeping him company all day while he was there, and here's another baby beanie I finished off today.  Its the same pattern as the road one in my previous post, with a few minor variations. 
Keep the happy healing vibes coming our way!


  1. loving your beanie hats, they are so cute........ Best wished yo your husband for a quick recovery

  2. Cute little hat, is the pattern available anywhere? Or is it in a pattern book somewhere?