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Friday, October 5, 2012

A happy rainbow necklace

At long last, an upload!  As M is waiting for the infection in his hip to go away still (the infection markers are starting to come down - yay!), and won't be able to do much for himself until that happens and a new joint can be inserted (he has no joint there at the moment so is in bed most of the time), I'm close to home right now and getting little projects done when I have time.  I've been wanting to make a multicoloured button necklace like this for a long time, and finally it's finished.  I'm looking forward to wearing it soon with plain coloured T-shirts or a plain white linen shirt, like this one.  Spring is here and summer must surely be just around the corner!  I've also started cutting out the fabric bunting for DD's wedding (late January) and I hope it'll look wonderful pinned to the fence all along our curving driveway.

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  1. Hi Tilly
    I love this button necklace. as soon as I am feeling better I am going to try and make myself one. its awesome! Please keep blogging!
    Bet you are surprised to hear from me- Angella de Jager (ex-RSA stamping group). visit my new blog at angelladeedesigns.blogspot.com