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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy birthday DH

Today is M's 65th birthday, and he came home from the hospital on Friday, so it's wonderful to have him back in time for his birthday, although there's not a lot of celebrating going on as he's still very tired and weak.  However, we have the family here and that's all he needs for now.  For his birthday our DD and I made contact through the internet, Facebook, address books and telephone directories, with family, friends, old childhood friends, school and university friends, old neighbours and work-mates of his, and asked them to write down a few anecdotes of the times they have spent with him during the different times in his life, with photos if available, and mail them to us.  We have printed them out and put them all in individual envelopes and tied them up with ribbon, and presented him with this wonderful pile of 80 special birthday letters from around the world.  He was gobsmacked, to say the least, and only got part way through reading them before he needed a lie-down and nap, so will be up again later to get through the remaining ones.  Kerry had come up with the idea a few months ago, and we made a list and got down to tracing all these people, some of whom we'd lost touch with many years ago.  The response was truly wonderful and he's going to treasure these memories always, and renew old friendships along the way too.  For anyone planning a special celebration, I would highly recommend this idea.  It's also been rewarding and fun for the rest of us to read all the stories about him from his childhood and beyond, and for him to know that so many people care enough about him to have taken the time to write these letters for his birthday.  It's been just the "medicine" he needs to help him look forward again after the past year of endless surgeries, weeks and weeks in hospital, and being confined to a walker for so long without a hip joint, totally dependent on others for all his care.  Serious physio starts next week, and then he'll be flying high again!


  1. a very happy birthday to your husband and what a lovely idea for his birthday. I have just visited my nephew who lives 20ks from Hellensville, what a beautiful country!

  2. Wishing Murray a very happy birthday and may the year ahead be a very good one. What a wonderful birthday gift. best wishes from a very hot SA. Ursula xxx

  3. Happy birthday to your husband.