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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fairy Garden fun

My new "best thing" is miniature and Fairy Gardens!  (If you know me, you will know that every few months I get hooked on a new "best thing"!)  I'm making miniature gardens and their accessories and have my first market booth on 21 July at the Matakana Indie Market.  If you live locally, be sure to visit this wonderful market, which happens on the third Sunday of the month through the winter months, and every Sunday during summer.  It's a feast of amazing art and crafts and well worth the visit, with live entertainment, great food and coffee, a perfect outing for a chilly winter weekend.
By putting together a miniature or fairy garden with your children, either in a container of some sort (old bucket, plastic lined basket, wheelbarrow, or ordinary terracotta pot), or in a quiet corner of your garden, you will be encouraging them to play outdoors in the fresh air, get interested in gardening and how things grow, and spark their imaginations.  If you have boys (and fairy gardens are a no-no!) try a wild animal or jungle garden, with suitable small toys hidden in the undergrowth or on the prowl, or a dinosaur garden using mini dinosaurs (usually available in the dollar stores, and being plastic, they are suitable for living outdoors.) 
Here's a fairy garden I've recently made in an old saucepan.  Can you see the little kitty on the chair?  It's a tiny river stone painted with a black Sharpie pen.  I think I'll enter this one in the Magic Onion contest too!


  1. I love your fairy garden, what a lovely idea

  2. Hi Tilly. This is adorable!! You come up with the most fun projects!! Loll xx

  3. What a fun garden. Love it.

  4. Wow, how creative. I hope your fairies have a great time in your garden!

    Bev x