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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More fairy treats

I've been wanting to make a wishing well for a long time and finally made this one yesterday, with the help of M who cored out the middle of the log for me so that the little acorn cap bucket can actually be lowered into the 'water'.  Isn't it cute?  It was quite fiddly to make (lots of trial and error - mostly error!) but I'm happy with the outcome, although not sure how many I will make as it took forever.  Maybe this one will be kept at home for my fairies, not sold at my market!

Here's another new wire basket container garden I made on Saturday and sold at my market stall on Sunday at the Matakana Indie Market.   I like how I'm able to drill holes through the handle for the little swing to hang from.
And last but not least, a new house!  I found this branch with the pinecone still intact, so just had to incorporate it into the house design.  It reminds me of a modern garden sculpture.

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