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Friday, May 23, 2014

Fossicking in the forest

Yesterday we went fossicking (I love that word!) in the forest for fallen logs and branches for my fairy houses, and found some amazing ones in different shapes and sizes, with little nooks and crannies for the owls and cats and birds I like to add to them.  The Assistant Elf cut them into house-sized lengths for me and scrubbed all the dirt and cobwebs off them, and here's the wonderful assortment I now have to play with.  One of the best ones had to be returned to the forest very quickly as an army of assorted creepy crawlies started emerging from between the cracks as soon as he started to cut it up! 
I had to make a house up last night because I just couldn't resist having a play!


  1. Gorgeous! Have apssed on your details to our lovely Hospital Family Support Worker, who's spoken to the Play Specialists at Ward 23B xxx

  2. What a super cute house with some more fab ones to come........nothing like finding free treasures lol