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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Laundry day in the fairy garden

I had fun yesterday doing some fairy laundry for the little clothesline I've had planned for awhile.  I have LOTS of scraps of fabric (free swatches collected on previous visits to the garment district in Hong Kong) which are always useful at times like this!  I wasn't sure if the fairy wings were appropriate or not so did a poll on my Facebook page, Away With The Fairies, and it seems that the clothesline is best "with" the wings, although there were some interesting comments on why they should not be there (read the comments).

Your comments would be appreciated too.


  1. I love the tiny clothes, I would have thought that wings are part of the body....... off to look what others thought lol


  2. An amazing world ! I make a dream !! All what i see it's wonderfull ! Thank you for the beauty of your work !! Have a good day !