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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fairy garden pond

I suppose you're wondering what this mad woman has been up to now? Well, she's recycling today. Here's an easy pond to make with simple supplies, most of which are free! Blue paint, two green plastic trays (from meat or fruit packaging), one jar lid (any size, but the bigger the better), a white plastic lid (this one is from a yogurt container), $ store clear nail varnish, and a few pebbles or sticks/twigs for decoration. Paint the inside of the jar lid, allow to dry, then pour clear nail varnish over it. You don't need much. (At this point I drizzled some glitter into the wet nail varnish, but it's not really necessary if you don't have any.) Cut 2 discs from one of the green plastic trays (for the lily pads) and 2 small "flowers" from the white plastic, and drop them into the wet varnish, along with a "log" and/or a few pebbles, or both. Cut a few strands of "grass" from the other green plastic tray and push them between

the rocks, holding them upright until they anchor themselves properly. Allow the varnish to dry (overnight is best). Finally add a frog or ducks or fish if you have them, and ta-daa ....... a pond any fairy would love to have in their garden. (You could also paint little tadpoles or fish onto the blue paint before covering it with varnish.) I added 2 tiny pink flowers on top of the white lillies, but they're not necessary either. You could use a bead or even a dot of marker pen for a flower centre if you feel they need it. If you don't have little frogs, just paint a small round or oblong pebble with green paint and add googley eyes. The fairies will understand what you're trying to do! Have fun. Make these with your little ones and post pics of your creations here for us all to see.


  1. Un precioso estanque!!! Estoy segura que tanto las hadas como los pájaros disfrutarán de él!!!!

  2. a beautiful little pond, I adore those tiny little ducks lol