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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A new fairy garden

It's been so long since I posted here, and my conscience is getting the better of me!  
I've been working on lots of fairy garden projects (among other things like housework - occassionally!), but would like to share some pics of the fairy garden I completed, with the help of my Assistant Elf, last week at Ronald McDonald House at Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland (New Zealand).  It was so much fun, and although there were, understandably, restrictions on what I could do and what could be used in it (health and safely issues, fencing, the ugly mesh grill on the back wall which gives access to maintenance people for the pipes and cables behind the wall), I think the final result is still a happy one.  A friend is making a lovely "Welcome to our Fairy Garden" sign that will be put up there soon too.  I hope that all the sick children and their families who need to spend time at the amazing Ronald McDonald House will enjoy it too.  (Excuse the photographic quality.  I have a cheapo camera and it was a very bright and sunshiny day.)


  1. Lovely stuff, I saw some of your work and you are an inspiration. I tried making a fairy door and so far so goos

  2. what stunning displays, I am sure your work will be much appreciated, and thanks to your little helper.......

  3. Tilly, I just found your blog by accident but what a pleasure it has been to visit you. You have a wonderful imagination and I absolutely love your recycled pieces. I have become a follower of your blog through both Google and Bloglovin and look forward to visiting you again. Thank you for the lovely inspiration.
    :) Chris / CS Designs