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Monday, September 29, 2014

Another great (easy) pattern

This is a Vogue pattern V1261 (Alice & Olivia) which I've had for many years, and it gets dragged out every Autumn for tunic tops, sweatshirts and dresses. I always have trouble finding nice patterned stretch fabric for Winter though, so tend to go for the plain heavy knits which can always be dressed up with a scarf or necklace.  I like how the striped sleeves worked with the pattern on this one and will do it again in a short-sleeved version for summer.  (My necklaces too.)

I 'ballooned' the lower half of this one when I cut it out and it looks great.  (Pics not good, sorry.)  This is a charcoal color, not navy!  
This is so comfortable and looks good with jeans or boots and black leggings.

This can be dressed up or dressed down and looks good with lots of silver jewelry.

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