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Friday, October 17, 2014

More recycling

I'm having a lot of fun recycling some old clothes (as I pack away boxes into storage, as we're selling our house and I'm trying to tidy and declutter my wardrobe - between sewing projects!  LOL)
This was a lovely stretch knit cardi, probably 16+ years old, that I've held onto because I love the colour (the orange is not quite as bright and eye-popping in real life - must be the camera playing tricks), but haven't worn it in many years. So . . . it is now a "new" old cardi-turned-tunic, with the front opening sewn closed, the old boring orange buttons removed and replaced, a skirt extension added to make it into a tunic, and a felt brooch made because it needed "a little something else", and with the coloured buttons down the front it wasn't suitable for wearing a necklace with it.  I didn't even cut the bottom hem of the cardi off - just added the polka dot fabric on the under-side.  It looks really good with black or white leggings or pants.
Back to my wardrobe decluttering now, sadly (until I find something else to recycle!)