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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Scrap sewing/up-cycling/remodelling

I've seen (and pinned) so many tutorials on upcycling your old clothes and T-shirt refashions on Pinterest, so decided I'd try it.  This is an old, too short knit top that I cut off and added scraps of knit fabric, old T-shirts cut up and a cardigan I hadn't worn for years.  The back is in 3 other different scrap fabrics in similar tones, plus a bit of green!  The hole in the skirt was actually in the fabric when I bought it (only noticed when I got home) so put it to good use as well!  I wished I'd made the skirt more flared but ran out of suitable fabric.  


  1. Te ha quedado genial!!!! Muy buen reciclado,de esa manera lo usarás mucho!

  2. what a super project, love it

  3. So cool! Reminds me of the Desigual coats...

  4. Hello Dear Tilly, I am so excited to have found your blog. This post has sent my wheels to turning . . . I have some of those tops that are too short, but I still love them. I would have never thought of turning them into a dress. Now, I can not wait to give it a go. Thank you for your inspiration. Another thing . . . if anyone would have asked if I liked miniature fairy gardens . . . I would have answers, no . . . But that was before seeing yours. You have that magic touch and your little gardens are so unique and detailed . . . that I wish that I could eat or drink whatever Alice did, so that I would be small enough to move right in.
    I am your newest blogging sister . . . I enjoy quilting, sewing, painting and many different things. I do not know how much we have in common, but I feel that you are a very special lady and that I want to know you better. I hope that you will visit my blog and maybe, just maybe . . . only if there is something there that strikes your fancy . . . will follow me back. I would be honored.
    I love that dress!
    Connie :)

  5. Good job! Glad my tutorial helped out a bit!

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