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Friday, February 12, 2016

Applique and sewing cards

I'm back making cards again, although not of the stamping variety as all my crafting supplies, except my 45 year old sewing machine and a few fabric scraps, will remain in storage for awhile as M is waiting for more surgery and we are renting a small cottage temporarily.  Without a free motion embroidery foot on my machine, I'm making do with straight stitching and some hand sewing.  Here's a sampling of my new obsession!   The first one is for my husband for our 44th wedding anniversary in 2 weeks.  The likeness is quite good too!  LOL😊


  1. THis is so fantastic! I love it.. Do you just cut up fabric and then stitch it on the machine or are you following some type of pattern?

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. I use silhouettes, my own sketches, clip art and illustrations for my card inspiration. I draw the shapes (clothes etc) onto the back side of fabric scraps, cut them out, put a small piece of double sided tape or Heat n Bond on the back to stick the shape onto backing fabric or card, free sew with machine or hand stitch in place, then hand stitch legs, arms,etc. Backgrounds just free motion and hand stitching. I use cheap calico and when all done with the picture I machine stitch the panel onto card just around the edge. I would love to see what you make if you try it too. Have fun. Check my Pinterest board for other ideas and inspiration too.

  2. Oh wow I love these, what an original and fun idea!!