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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where do I get my ideas?

My market customers often ask where I get my ideas from, and what makes me want to make such fiddly little things!  As my 6 year old grandson said to me recently, Grandma, I'm glad you have such a good imagination because it makes boring days so much more interesting!  Bless his little heart, but true I suppose.  I have a number of friends who quilt, and they kindly give me all their little scraps that would normally be thrown away.  I also have my own fabric stash from many years of sewing, and was a sample designer for an online ribbon and embellishment shop, so they sent me all sorts of wonderful things from their ranges to play with and inspire their customers.  It was heaven!  Even the smallest bits that I saved are now coming in useful.  I get inspiration daily from my surroundings where we live at the coast, and of course the Internet as well.   I do the bigger designs on my trusty 47 year old little Elna sewing machine, and add the details by hand.  I find sewing very relaxing and therapeutic, and the fact that I can sell some cards or give them away as gift packs to friends, is a bonus!  Happy me 😊!

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