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Sunday, April 1, 2018

More bits

As we have "no fixed abode", as the saying goes 😃, and are using this year to travel around New Zealand housesitting for people's homes and pets while they are away, and while we decide where we want to settle permanently, I've brought along my trusty old 47 year old Elna sewing machine and bag of fabric scraps, and will use this time to build up my card stash in the hope of selling them at markets in the future, as I've done previously.  Housesitting is a wonderful way of spending time with dogs, cats and other animals while we can't have any of our own.  At the moment we're on a little farm in a cosy house taking care of a delightful Labrador, a 3 legged ginger cat, and a few calves.  We're loving the walks on the farm with the dog and the green hills dotted with sheep all around us, wonderful fresh country air and blue skies.  Anyway, some pics . . .

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