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Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Spring in my step . . .

We have another 2 weeks here at the farmsit before moving on to another one about 3 hours away.  Spring is everywhere - blossoms, daffodils, newborn lambs, calves and ducklings, and Daylight Saving Time kicked in last night, so more sunshine too 😊
I'm trying to build up my stock of cards while I can as next week we have our almost 8 year old grandson coming to stay for the last week of the school holidays, so there will definitely be no time for sewing while he's here 😁  It will be his first time flying alone (only an hour and 10 minutes so he should be fine!)  We have a house/farmsit for Dec and Jan near a lovely seaside town where there's a weekly market I can join to sell my cards, as I've done in previous places where we've lived or housesat.
Here are a few of my recent happy whimsical creations to hopefully put a smile on your faces 😃
(The first one is framed, which is an option when I sell them.)

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