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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bird cards and bird news

I'm a very serious bird stamp fan, especially simple images that require no colouring, which I'm totally useless at doing. Here are a few bird cards for today. Once again I started off with the ribbon and then tried to match the cardstock. I really must stop buying ribbon ...!

Our heron baby, Wendall, is getting very independent these days and is out and about down at the ponds on his own quite a lot. Yesterday I watched his mother fly down from the tree with him, and as soon as she landed he began running after her with his beak wide open - I'm sure I could hear him yelling "Feed me!", like Audrey the Venus Flytrap in that movie! She couldn't get away from him and finally flew up onto a fence post nearby, where he tried to join her, their wings all flapping madly while they tried to balance together on a small fence post top. Mom got very annoyed and flew to the next fence post - same story - baby flew after her and tried to vote himself in, beak still wide open and complaining. This happened 4 times as Mom made her way along the fence from post to post, until she finally gave up and flew off down the valley to get away from the pest kid. I don't blame her - he was being a real pain. On the middle one of our 3 ponds/dams infront of the house we have an island with a wooden bridge linking it to the lawn. This morning I watched as Wendall toddled onto the bridge, looking a bit nervous at first as he obviously wasn't sure what it was or where it went. Then all of a sudden he started dancing across and back again, flapping his wings and trying so hard to be dainty (like those beautiful Whooping Cranes that dance their romantic dance together). He looked as though he was having such a good time, with an appreciative audience of 4 Plovers, Clayton our old male Paradise Shellduck, and some Mynah birds. It was hilarious. He went on and on, back and forth, as if he were on a stage. Fred Astair he is not, but he certainly thought he was! I so wish I'd had a video camera. Our Swallows have hatched their third brood of the season, although so far I have only seen 2 little fluffy heads with HUGE beaks peeping over the edge of the nest. They usually have 3-4 chicks but with this being their third family of the summer, they're probably a bit over the excitement by now and just want to get these guys outa here so they can have the nest to themselves again, as it must be a really tight fit in there, especially as the 2 previous lots of babies come back from time to time and try to get in there too. You should hear the complaining when there's no room left for them! We had 9 ml of rain early this morning, which is better than nothing I suppose, but a few more showers are forecast for the next 3 days, so fingers crossed ...
Fun fun fun down on the farm! Always free entertainment around us!


  1. Tilly, it sure sounds like great entertainment and in the comfort of your own home. Love the names you have given your "babies" LOL Good to hear about your rain, hope you get lots more.

  2. Poor little heron - I can just see him from your description! Love the cards too by the way especially the birds on just a note - beautiful!