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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bird update

We have a lot of birds nesting in the trees around us, and ducks on the ponds (Paradise Shellducks and NZ Grey Ducks), as well as our swallow family that is here for the second year in an architecturally designed mud nest outside the kitchen above the deck. The swallows have already had 2 broods of chicks this summer and I think they've got a third bunch of eggs up there now as I found a half egg shell below the nest yesterday and there's been much coming and going and fussing by the parents. Their nest building was really entertaining in the Spring. We would sit out on the deck brushing the cats, and when the brush was full I'd pick bits of fluff off it and let it blow away in the breeze over the lawn. The swallows would swoop down and grab the cat hair fluff balls in their beaks and take them back to the nest, using their beaks to tuck the bits in where they needed them, just like we would decorate our new homes! (I know ... we need to get a life!) Their babies must've had the most comfortable and well decorated nursery, complete with 'designer fur' in shades of black, white (Boris), orange (Angus), and tabby (Bella and Eloise). Quite a good colour combo I think! We've also been watching a pair of White Faced Herons building a nest in the big Puriri tree next to the house (the tree under which the cows are standing in the photo above). They make a very untidy nest of sticks and twigs and when I looked up from underneath it I couldn't believe an egg could actually stay in there without falling through the cracks. Anyway, it seems to have been good enough, because a few days ago we caught sight of a baby heron scuttling across through the branches when an adult bird arrived, obviously with food. It is now flying (not very gracefully) and comes down to one of the ponds once or twice a day, although we've seen the parents still taking it food into the tree. We're so lucky to have this free entertainment on the doorstep! Had a light drizzle this afternoon but not enough to make any difference to the garden or water tanks unfortunately. No rain forecast either.


  1. Just love your update on the birds. I can just picture it all, so peaceful.In our garden the last month we have had a "piet-my-vrouw" doing his thin from early morning. We are having rain every night, most welcome, Wish I could send a shower over to you and Lang's beach as well.
    warm wishes

  2. Welcome to the land of Blog Tilly! Misses Peach and I will follow all of your adventures. You live in charmed surroundings and have a lovely home and the cleanest clearest stamping closet I have ever seen!
    Thank you for opening the windows to your world for us!
    Greetings from the cozy cottage...Karla